Cara Setting Template Moodle2Mobile

Jasa Desain Website Makassar - This theme has been developed for smartphones, compatible with iPhone/iPodtouch/Android 4.x devices.
Please, Let us know if you find out any problem with your mobile device.

How to set it up:
1. Copy the "Moodle2Mobile" theme at moodle/theme/ folder
2. Enable Moodle detection of mobiles, smartphones, tablets (In Site administration>Apperance>Themes>Theme settings )
3. Go to Site administration>Apperance>Themes Selector. Select "Moodle2Mobile" at "Device type: Mobile"
4. if the plugin doesn't work for you. Please, rename the "general_alternative.php" to general.php. You will find it at the folder layout

Note: There are functions that are not available for some mobile OS


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